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Humanities: World War II (Hot Spots)

Hot Spots


Lead up to WWII (pre 1937)

Japan enters the war (1937)

Chinese war poster from WWII

'The army and the people cooperate to defend South China'

Political Office of the Command of the Fourth War Area. (1937). The army and the people cooperate to defend South China [Poster]. Guangdongshi Tiyundonglu Zhongguo yinshuaisuo. Retrieved from

The rise of Hitler (1930s)

Propoganda posters

Propoganda poster

Source: China Daily US

The Axis Powers

Soviet Union

Australia enters the war

Australia in Eurpoe and Africa

Japanese attack Pearl Harbour

Australia at war in the Pacific

War comes to Australia


Yalta and Potsdam Conferences

The Europe conflict ends

The Atomic Bomb

Newspaper article: New terror unleashed; Jap city vanishes


Propaganda posters

Propoganda poster from WWII

Image source: Huffington Post

Propoganda poster

Source: Pintrest