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Humanities: Cold War (Hot Spots)

Hot Spots

End of World War II

East & West Germany

East and West Germany

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NATO & The Warsaw Pact

Map of NATO countries vs. Warsaw pact countries

Image source: Encyclopaedia Britannica

U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R.

The Korean War

You are now crossing the 38th Parallel

Image source: Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Vietnam War

The Domino Theory

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Nuclear Arms Race

Michael Cummings, "On no account to be used - the enemy might retaliate"

Image credit: Michael Cummings

Cuban Missile Crisis

Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989)

"...and he marched them down again" political cartoon

Garland, Nicholas, “And He Marched Them Down Again,” The Independent, May 20, 1988.

Glasnost and perestroika