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English: Australian Poetry


Haiku by Buson

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A is for Affermation by Jeffrey Scott-Turner

Scott-Turner, J. (2011) A is for Affirmation. From Learning for Life: Adult learning and mental health and wellbeing. Retrieved

Diamante (Diamond)

Diamond poem by Patrick Alba

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Sonnet 18 by Shakespeare


Pelican limerick

War poetry

My Country - Dorothea Mackellar

In Flanders Fields - John McCrae

In Flanders Fields by John McCrae is probably one of the most well known war poems in the world. Most ANZAC ceremonies of remembrance, like the dawn service on ANZAC Day, include the reading of a poem to help the listeners understand the wartime experience. One of the most common examples used by the ANZACs is this poem. As a result, although not written by an Australian, it has become an important part of the ANZAC legend.

The New True Anthem - Kevin Gilbert

Kevin Gilbert

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Great Southern Land

Australian Poetry

Suggested reading

Reading Poetry Aloud

Free Verse

Psalm 23 - an early example of free verse poetry

Rhyming poems

The Mirror by Michael